Le Pirate Island - "Paradise Found"

We invite you to set sail on a journey where you will be encouraged to disconnect in your very own Private Island,  Le Pirate

has had its eyes set on her for some time now to bring you all our very own paradise found, the ultimate escape. Step out side of your Beach Hut and dive into the crystal clear waters, swim with all Kinds of sea life right at your doorstep, meet new people, share experiences, sleep under the stars and go home wanting more.

Located only 1 hour from the heart of Labuan Bajo, join us for the day or spend the night as a Pirate,

surely this is something you will not want to miss.

PLEASE NOTE: Island Shuttle , Meeting point at Le Pirate Main office in Labuan Bajo @ 9:30am


Disconnect to Reconnect

With the constant fast paced work environments as well as constant connectivity, it’s hard to disconnect and connect with one another. This is the time to embrace in a digital detox. Kick back and relax in style.

Stripping down on all formalities and bringing the simplest of class to the island. Finding more tune with surroundings and one another, where days seem longer and memories last a lifetime.







Before Booking Le Pirate Island Understand this

When reserving one of our Beach Huts remember that you will embark on a journey to one of the best remote island in Flores. What we offer is simple yet stylish open plan beach huts, this is not a hotel concept, more of a camping experience.

We Love It ! but also understand that is not for everyone

Barefoot Experience

Outdoor Shared Bathroom

No Hot Water & AC

Exhilarating Cocktails

Journey to Remote Island

No Internet

How To Get There

The shuttle to the island departs from LBJ at 10am, Meeting point at Le Pirate Main office 9:30am, shuttle returns back in Labuan Bajo @ 5.30pm. We highly recommend you arriving a day before departure to the island.

There are 9 daily flights connecting Labuan Bajo (Flores) to Denpasar (Bali).

Book via:

  1. www.airasia.com NEW
  2. www.garuda-indonesia.com
  3. www.lionair.co.id (Wings Air)
  4. www.traveloka.com
  5. www.flynamair.com

We strongly recommend you to book your flight in advance as this route is always on high demand

Air Asia NEW Air Asia NEW
12.55 - 14.15 14.40 - 15.50
Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia
10.50 - 12.30 16.35 - 18.00
07.10 - 08.45 07.10 - 08.45
Wings Air Wings Air
08.15 - 09.35 08.30 - 09.50
11.55 - 13.25 10.55 - 12.15
14.00 - 15.20 15.45 - 17.05
Kalstar Kalstar
10.11 - 15.20 11.35 - 12.35
NAM Air Nam Air
13.30 - 14.25 15.00 - 15.50
Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia
10.35 - 14.00 14.40 - 15.50
By Sea

PELNI, the national shipping company, sails every 15 days from Benoa (Bali) and Makassar (Sulawesi) to Labuan Bajo (Flores).

By Land

From the Ubung Terminal in Denpasar (Bali), there are busses and ferry which go through Lombok and Sumbawa to Labuan Bajo (Flores).

Good to Know

01.00 pm

11.00 am



Tennis Table

Board Games

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