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Launching September 1st


Labuan Bajo - Flores

NOTE :  Please be aware that this is not a cruise ship, the Boatel is anchored in a blue lagoon only 10 minutes away from Labuan Bajo

Le Pirate is bringing you a new floating concept, located 10 min from Labuan Bajo, Flores, where boat meets hotel, Le Pirate Boatel.

With 10 absolute water front cabins, fitted with their private deck, hammock and swim ladder.. The Boatel feature’s its own BBQ Restaurant, outdoor cinema , bar and sun deck in a pure Le Pirate style.

Moored 10 minutes away from all the hustle and bustle of the Main Street in Labuan Bajo in the picturesque Weaciciu bay and connected to the harbour (with a free shuttle boat to make it easy for guests to transfer back and forth). Heaps of activities on board to keep you busy with paddle boards, canoeing, rock fishing, beach explorations, snorkelling & island exploration day tours.

A free daily sunset cruise around the harbour to finish the day in style, exhilarating cocktail happy hours, sunset BBQ specials to ease you into a good nights sleep under the stars.



Where is it?

Only 10 Minutes Away


A ship that is moored in a bay and used as a hotel on the water
Le Pirate’s Boatel is our new addition to our fleet, which is moored in picturesque Waiciciu Bay 10 minutes away from Labuan Bajo harbour, we wanted to provide our guests with an experience of stay over the water, away from the hustle and bustle of Bajo main street. Please note this boat is staying in one location and is not an Island Hopping tour.
We aim to offer an experience, the boat its equipped with paddle boards, canoe’s and snorkelling equipment. The Boatel will be the perfect base for anyone looking to travel to Labuan Bajo. Join the sunset cruise from 5-7pm daily as well as our happy hour specials, with a cinema on deck under the stars to finish it off. Day Cruises can be either packaged with your cabin booking or arranged onsite at an additional cost.
You can book directly with our reservations team during your booking process or book directly with our Manager / supervisor on site. Please note we have a minimum capacity to depart so better we know sooner rather than later or you try to come with friends. (Subject to availability)
Onboard the Boatel we will provide a 3G modem for general restaurant area, you can also rent your own “private” modems for more dedicated signal, this can be arranged onboard once checked in
We provide a FREE shuttle service which will depart every 1hr in the morning & afternoons to ensure you get to your cruises, flights or appointments in town. We assure you, you wont feel stuck, the harbour being only 10 minutes drive by boat
The Boatel has 10 identical rooms with only 1 room type (Sea front Cabin) which are all water front cabins fitted with a double bed, under bed drawers, safety box as well as your private deck, hammock & swim ladder.
As it is still a boat , electricity is limited however we will provide our guest with AC during evening between 8pm-6am set with an automatic timer
Breakfast is included in the cabin price, any orders additional will be charged to your cabin. The Boatel is equipped with a fully serviced kitchen & bar area, which will be serving an all day menu as well as daily specials towards sunset. Our bar will serve everything from water, tea, coffee to exhilarating cocktails and uices.
Breakfast is included as well as onboard activities (paddle board, canoe, snorkeling) as well as daily FREE shuttle to and from the harbour to Boatel, as well as our sunset cruise from 5-7pm(subject to weather & tide conditions)
Onboard the boatel will be a general cashier area with credit card machine for payments options cash & card. You will be asked pay your bill prior to check out
Check in is from 2pm in the afternoon, please note we have a meeting point in town (Centre) if you arrive early, Le Pirate Bajo Hotel (you can ask any driver they will know). This is our meeting point for all FREE shuttles, where you will be escorted to your shuttle boat in the harbour. You can choose to wait until your room is available in our hotel/restaurant in town or onboard the boatel
Check out is at 10am, you are welcome to stay on the boat until your departure time (subject to shuttle times)
Yes we provide power to charge your camera's, phone's, drones & laptops
The sunset cruise will depart at 5pm sharp, where it will travel around the harbor and surrounding islands for 2 hrs to return to its original location at 7pm
Due to the Boatel motoring for 2hrs the FREE shuttle will be temporarily closed during these times,we will urge our guests to be onboard prior to departure otherwise they will miss out.
Officially the last FREE shuttle will depart from the harbor at 10pm as our captain & crew will have had a long day. if guest choose to extend this time, we request confirmation for return times where our supervisor will do everything possibly to accomodate, however this will come at an additional cost.
Your room is entered via the hallway where we have a standard door, handle and key lock, the front of your room (facing ocean) has draw down screen which covers floor to sealing, for those with no queries, we suggest sleeping with this screen open with the mosquito net provided to ensure you get a nice cool breeze during the night. All rooms are fitted with a safety box built in under the bed, for you to store all valuables.
Unfortunately children are not allowed on the Boatel, due to safety reasons, as well as being a "Pirate only" friendly environment
On the same level as the Cabins there will be multiple shared bathrooms dedicated to each sex, yes it is a boat still but we provide a toilet which flushes and a shower with fresh water + a lock on the door



Step 1

Take the “free shuttle” from Labuan Bajo & arrive to the Boatel. Only takes 10 minutes each way.

Step 2

Check in to your water front cabin, put your bags down & join us up on deck

Step 3

Have lunch, have a drink, snorkel, paddle board, join our day tours to surrounding Islands, or do nothing and just relax

Step 4

Indulge in our exhilarating cocktails for happy hour and get ready to embark on our sunset cruise every day from 5-7pm. Hope you like dancing

Step 5

Make friends, live a moment you will never forget & don’t forget to take lots of photos to make all your friends jealous back home

Step 6

Time for dinner, drinks and to finish it off, put your feet up and join us for a moonlit cinema under the stars.


There are 10back to back water front cabins onboard our floating hotel “Boatel”, all cabins are private with their own deck, hammock and swim ladder to the ocean. why stay in Labuan Bajo when you could stay 10 minutes away and your hotel is on the water, join us and sleep under the stars like true pirates


  1. Breakfast
  2. Free Shuttle To Harbor (Only 10 minute from Boatel to harbor)
  3. Activities (Paddle board, canoe, snorkelling equipment)
  4. Wifi
  5. Ac
How To Get There

There are 7 daily flights connecting Labuan Bajo (Flores) to Denpasar (Bali).

Book via:

  1. www.garuda-indonesia.com
  2. www.lionair.co.id (Wings Air)
  3. www.traveloka.com
  4. www.kalstaronline.com
  5. www.flynamair.com

We strongly recommend you to book your flight in advance as this route is always on high demand

Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia
10.50 - 12.30 16.35 - 18.00
07.10 - 08.45 07.10 - 08.45
Wings Air Wings Air
08.15 - 09.35 08.30 - 09.50
11.55 - 13.25 10.55 - 12.15
14.00 - 15.20 15.45 - 17.05
Kalstar Kalstar
10.11 - 15.20 11.35 - 12.35
NAM Air Nam Air
13.30 - 14.25 15.00 - 15.50
Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia
10.35 - 14.00 14.40 - 15.50
By Sea

PELNI, the national shipping company, sails every 15 days from Benoa (Bali) and Makassar (Sulawesi) to Labuan Bajo (Flores).

By Land

From the Ubung Terminal in Denpasar (Bali), there are busses and ferry which go through Lombok and Sumbawa to Labuan Bajo (Flores).

Good to Know



"Why join the navy, when you can be a pirate?"

- Steve Jobs -

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